Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Wile E. Coyote


It's 1:30am...Really, I should be in bed right now.  I just came in from a late night out...I drove home, alone on the dark and mostly deserted streets of Pasadena, the night before the busiest, most exciting night that Pasadena is host to, New Year's eve on Colorado Blvd.  
I stopped for a light and glanced to my right. Out of the corner of my eye I glanced a shadow moving in the darkness near the curb.  I thought it could be a stray dog... I'm a sucker for a stray dog, so I made a right turn to further investigate.  There, illuminated by my headlights, standing calmly on the sidewalk of a beautiful tree lined street dotted with quaint little houses, was a gorgeous coyote.  He was so calm and unafraid of my approaching headlights, he looked right at me at one point and when I met his eyes my heart broke just a little bit.  I was reminded of how humanity is encroaching, bit by bit on this stunning creature's out of place here amongst the concrete, asphalt, and cars whizzing by....just makes me so very sad.  

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