Friday, August 22, 2008

Design Preview: Fall 2008...

Golden Crocus Earrings
Gorgeous, Green Tourmaline

For the last few weeks I have been designing and creating tons of new pieces for the Something Blue Fall Collection...
I know what you're thinking, a little late, huh? After all, Fall is
just around the corner! But circumstances beyond my control, read: toddler underfoot, have kept me from dedicating the quiet time, reflection and physical presence required to accomplish such a task. So I say, better late than never! And quite honestly, these pieces go far beyond Fall, and can definitely be worn year-round.

Petal Necklace
A single, lustrous, Keshi pearl

Here are a few examples of what's to come. You can already purchase a few of these pieces on Etsy ...just think of it as a sneak peek.

Majestic Earrings
Hand carved Fluorite

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