Tuesday, August 5, 2008



I stumbled across this delightful children's show, Nanalan' about a year ago.  Back then, my now 2+ year old daughter wasn't watching TV, but I was!  This tale of a curious 3 year old named Mona is so enchanting and creative, I couldn't take my eyes off of it.
Mona stays with her Nana during the day while her Mom is at work.  Nana is, well, a nana in every sense of the word.  She sings funny songs, reads books, tells great stories and bakes tasty treats.  Her neighbor (and love interest), Mr. Wooka is a puppeteer extraordinaire and puts on elaborate and awe inspiring puppet shows on a daily basis.  And then there's Russell, Nana's Jack Russell Terrier, who loves to accompany Mona on all of her adventures, from finding bugs to jumping on Nana's bed. One of the interesting things about this show is that they don't use a script and mostly ad-lib the dialogue. The sets are really colorful and downright adorable.  I love this show... and now that my daughter is a old enough, she loves it as well.  If you have young children they're sure to love it too!

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