Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Front Page on Etsy!!!!!

My first treasury...
was on the Front Page 10/27/08!

Many of you know by now I have a shop on Etsy where I sell a selection of my jewelry and headpieces....I joined almost 5 months ago and just recently, last Sunday to be exact, snagged my first ever treasury. If you're not familiar with an Etsy treasury you can read more about it here
Of course my theme was "Something Blue" and I pretty much threw it together on the fly.  I had a few items in my favorites but for the most part I combed and searched right then & there, and I was quite pleased with the finished product given the 'spur-of-the-momentness' of it all.  So, imagine my surprise when I took a peek at my treasury the next day only to find it had been on the front page of Etsy!  I could have died!  I wanted to jump up and down, I wanted to tell someone, I wanted to share this exciting accomplishment with someone. Right. That. Minute...
but then I realized no one I knew IRL (in real life) would understand the magnitude of the FRONT PAGE!  I mean just the simple fact that I was able to get a treasury in the first place is practically like winning the lottery and then to have it chosen for the Front Page? Unbelievable!  Especially since it was my first one, ever...have I mentioned that already?  
OK, I done tooting my own horn.

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shanon said...

You are a fantastic curator! You have a wonderful eye, so it really doesn't matter if it was "on the fly" that you threw it together. You have good instincts.
And I have to congratulate you because last night another Treasury you made, that I was fortunate enough to be apart of, made Front Page again! You are now my lucky charm. =)