Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Breakin' the law

Ah, the carpool lane.  There's really nothing like it on a weekday afternoon in L. A. 

So this afternoon while driving home from a lunch date with my daughter sleeping soundly in her carseat I barely noticed I was traveling at 80 miles per hour.  Really, I wasn't going any faster than anyone else so it was easy to overlook.  As I casually cruised along I suddenly noticed something in my peripheral vision.  I glanced over and there was a CHP motorcycle cop keeping pace with me, and looking right at me.  Gulp.  I immediately let my foot off the gas and started to wonder how much this speeding ticket was going to cost me.  The posted limit is 65 mph...this could be pricey.  The officer slowed down a bit, I presumed so he could get behind me and proceed to pull me over.  But then, he sped right past me. I realized then that what he was doing was checking my carpool status....he was looking at my daughter in the back seat (who does qualify as a person) because at first glance I'm sure I looked like a single person taking advantage of the wide open carpool lane.

Apparently speeding is not such a big deal in L. A.

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Carolyne said...

Seriously, that's so funny.

When I was pregnant, I couldn't wait to use the carpool lane. That was really exciting for me after she was born.

ConnieK said...

Wow, that is nuts!!!
Glad to have found you here from Etsy, I will be sure to check in often!