Monday, January 26, 2009

What the Hail?


Last night, around 11:30 thunder struck and hail came crashing down.  Without warning.  It hadn't even been raining before that so it was quite a surprise.  And pretty cool too.  It was SO loud I thought for sure the peanut would wake up, but she didn't.  It was accompanied by a profusion of thunder & lightening and the dogs thought they should probably bark but we kept them quiet somehow.  Of course I had to take photos.  I'm sure some of you think that's ridiculous, but where I come from hail is a rare occurance, hence the urge to run to the computer and eject the memory card, grab the camera and brave the weather.  And I do this all for you.

More hail

The next morning the hail remains...
it wasn't a dream.

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Angela said...

I love bad weather. I have no idea why. I would have gone out and taken pictures too.

About Me said...

ooo dangerous when you're on foot and caught suddenly with no place to hide!! its happened to me :D
love the photos you captured!!
there is a ton of snow here but i'm in Canada :)