Monday, March 9, 2009

Do Something!

Sorting the assortment

I like to think I'm a pretty creative person.  As a jewelry designer I see the potential 'creativeness' aka inspiration, in almost everything I see from the color or form of a plant or flower, to the texture and pattern of fabrics, to shadows cast on a long summer day etc, etc....

So, when I saw Holly Becker's Creativity Series 8 (DO SOMETHING!) over at her delightful blog, Decor8,  I couldn't resist taking on the challenge (or was it an exercise?) and getting my creative juices flowing. The challenge/exercise was to write down at least ONE thing that you planned to do this past weekend that would put you in touch with your creative side. Then come back to Holly's blog on Monday and report if you did it, how it felt, etc. 

I decided to multi task and get organized as a way to inspire my creativity.  

Here is my original comment on her blog: 

"Holly, you always manage to motivate me, thank you!
This weekend I will:
1. Sort through some of my stones and beads. (this always gets my creativity going)
2. Add to and edit my Inspiration binder
I hope to do more than that but I don’t want to commit to too much then have to come back on Monday with less accomplished than I hoped for!"

Beautiful Baubles!

Well, I didn't get both items on the list done. My Inspiration binder is still in the same cluttered mess it has been...

However, I did sort many, many, many beads & pearls which in turn lead to making a ton of new pieces, some for my Etsy shop, but most for a local boutique that sells my work.  I feel such a great sense of accomplishment in getting what feels like two things done at once, organizing & creating.  While I still have a few more trays of beads & stones that need to be sorted, I'm actually looking forward to setting aside some time next weekend to not only organize but create once again!

Oh, and I managed to pick out several paint chips for my Bookshelf Project, and I can't wait to get started on that...

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Sidewing Creations said...

Now that sounds like a great way to NOT finish your plan, but get a LOT done!! I think you have inspired me! I've needed some new insight. Thanks!!