Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Mini Moo cards have arrived!

I received my first order of Mini Moo cards on Monday and I must say I'm quite pleased!  The quality is far better than I expected.  Even the box they're packed in is pretty cool. It's a hard, white plastic that will certainly be useful long after the cards are gone. I can't wait to start handing these out and including them with my orders.  My only complaint is that the reverse side text is not as customizable as I would have liked, as far as text styles and colors.  But I love that when you download your images from flickr you can include the name of the item (if you have named your photos appropriately prior to this step).  You can see an example of this in the last photo.  
I also ordered the Mini Moo card holder which I was really excited about.  Unfortunately when I opened my package the cardholder was nowhere to be found...I sent a quick e-mail to customer service which was answered the following day by a real, live person named Daniel. Impressive. Daniel told me he was sorry for the inconvenience and a new cardholder was on it's way.  That's my kind of customer service.
I decided to have half the cards printed with the Bridal line and the other half with the Everyday line.  I already have my favorite images and it will be hard not to pass those out first!
Here is an example of the images I chose....

Bridal line & Everyday line

Reverse detail

Now that have these fabulous little cards I'm trying to come up with more ways to use them.  I think I'll poll my fellow etsians...they are always so creative.

Pssst! There is a coupon code for 15% off your first Moo order! (wish I had known about this ahead of time)
So, I thought I would share....the code is: 2RB2CK


lulidesigns said...

The cards look so good! It is really great to see a sample of what the cards look like so thank-you for sharing.

Alicia said...

ooh I have been wanting to get some moo cards now I want to that much more!

Jaimee said...

The Mini Cards look great!
Oh, and thanks for the coupon!