Thursday, July 17, 2008

A work in progress...part 2

Well, it's not a hugely noticeable difference, but progress has been made!  The backyard studio and home of Something Blue, is looking better, if only slightly. The before picture is at the bottom of this post, in an attempt to spare you from too much scrolling (thoughtful, aren't I?)
My husband installed the new fence, which not only looks great but keeps the oh-so-nosey neighbors at bay.  And as you can see, the tangerine tree has been drastically cut back.  Good for us, not so good for the squirrels, who love to perch themselves in the branches while eating tangerines and laughing, yes, laughing at our 3 dogs. This drives our dogs insane...which, in turn, drives ME insane.  I am so very happy to have that problem solved, at least until the next tangerine season. 

Also pictured is the patch of dead, overgrown grass (see that little dog?  That's Wrecks, one of our 3 Jack Russell "Terrorists".  He looks like he's in trouble, doesn't he?  That's because he's always in trouble...hence the name.  But, I digress) I have been killing that crab grass over the last few weeks because I have learned that you can't just pull out crab comes right back, with a vengeance.  So I'm making sure it is D E A D, before starting on that planting bed there.
You can also see (if you squint) that the real grass, St. Augustine, is starting to fill in.
Stay tuned...

The first "before" shot, June 08

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