Sunday, July 27, 2008

What a weekend!

At the risk of this turning into a post about how miserably hot it was this weekend, I shall instead focus on what got done around here (and when I say "here" I mean my humble abode/workspace)
First and foremost, I listed almost all of the SaMpLe SaLe items on Etsy!  That took most of Saturday and thankfully the husband entertained the child for most of the day (thanks honey).
The SaMpLe SaLe currently features bridal headpieces, hairvines & combs but I will be adding hairpins & jewelry over the next week so keep checking back.  These items are greatly reduced and if you're getting married or know someone who is, stop by and grab yourself a fantastic bargain!  Besides, the jewelry isn't just for "brides", so even if you're NOT getting married, take a peek.  And, maybe it's just me, but I think every girl should own a tiara...and wear it, regardless of what day it is.  I even came up with the concept of "Tiara Tuesdays", where every girl could wear her beloved tiara on Tuesday, therefor making "just another day" special. 
C'mon, you know you want to.

The other accomplishment this weekend was finally getting the weeds out of the planting bed in front of the studio.  I was waiting for that insidious grass to die, Die, DIE!...and it finally did.  I won't bore you with a picture of a patch of bare dirt though.

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